Money raised will sponsor students through their recovery program and aid in our Water Remediation Project

Faith Home Teen Challenge is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation which receives no government funding. We are supported by numerous annual fundraising efforts, by the generous donations of churches, businesses and individuals, and by our student-manned work enterprises which develop in them a readiness for future career opportunities while defraying a portion of the actual cost of their stay. Your support is needed to keep this vital ministry financially strong as well as to resolve our current well-water quality issue.

The 37-acre Faith Home Teen Challenge Ranch property is located in an area where both Nitrates and Arsenic in well-water are problematic. Teen Challenge has taken measures toward remediation. However, no affordable, long-term solution has yet been found. Teen Challenge has applied for a low-or no-interest loan through the State of California Revolving Fund to find a solution and carry it to completion. However, even if funds are made available, they may not be adequate for the need and the loan must be repaid. Your support of Team Eland is needed to bring safe drinking water to the Ranch.