2015 24-Hour World Time Trial Championships, Race Report:

Get Up On Your Bike - Pedal On!

On Friday, November 13, at 6 PM the World Championships began, with 12countries represented and 160 racers.  The race took place in Borrego Springs, CA, USA on an 18.2 mile long course and 4.6 mile short course.  At 6 PM on Saturday, the 14th, the race finished and Team Eland was the 2015 World Champions in the 2-person, 50-59 age group category.  Total long laps: 23.  Total short laps: 4.  Total miles 433.2 with average speed 18.3 mph.

The weekend’s wind forecast was changing all week.  We unclear as to what the weekend winds would be; however, there was no need to worry as the winds were calm for the entire race.

The race started in 1 minute waves; I started the race at 6:04 PM, riding into the night full of excitement to see the next 24 hours unfold.  I immediately tucked into my aero bars and found my pace.  We averaged 55 minutes a lap for the 1st six laps and were back and forth with team Hold Fast for 1st place.  We decided to change riders every lap until midnight.  I took a sleep break and fell asleep fast and slept good until Paul woke me and said I was up in 30 minutes.  

After both our sleep breaks, we were now 45 minutes behind team Hold Fast.  I told Karin and the crew not to worry as they hadn’t taken any sleep breaks and that the race wouldn’t start until the last 6 hours.  After we both got rest, we went back to changing every lap, were riding strong.  Before we knew it, we had friends telling us we were gaining on our competition.  By mid-afternoon we had caught and passed team Hold Fast.  We were now in the lead.

At 5 PM I took the hand off and moved to the 4.6 mile loop.  Feeling good I pushed and rode three laps in 44 minutes with an average speed of 19.3 mph.  The last change came and we were 30 minutes in the lead.  Karin rode two laps and on her last lap she realized she needed to finish by 6:04.  She started watching the clock and was hammering through the roads leading to the finish.  There was one stop sign on the course and she was stopped and held by race officials for traffic to go through.  She impatiently watched and when he said she could go, she looked down and there was two minutes left on the clock.  Giving everything she had, she crossed the finish line at 6:05 PM.  The last lap did not count.  Team Eland finished 5 miles in front of team Hold Fast.